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      Up To Date Vaccinations
      Inspection By Licensed Veterinarian
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    • Dewormed against bacterial and intestinal parasites
    • Socialized with children and other dogs
    • Monitored against infections
    • Monitored to ensure eating correctly
    • Acclimated to help prevent hypoglycemia
    • Vaccinated against parvovirus and respiratory infections
    • Inspected by a licensed veterinarian
    • Inspected to be free of any existing heart, knees, hips, ears, and eye health defects

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There are no products matching the selection.

There are no products matching the selection.



Potty Pads Training your puppy on potty pads! Training your puppy on potty pads is a great method if you can’t always make it home on time to take your puppy outside. However, this method can be initially more difficult.


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Outdoor Housebreaking Training your puppy to go outside! This is the most commonly used method on housebreaking a puppy and it can be achieved through numerous methods.

Crate Training Using a crate as a trainng aid! Crates are an excellent training aid to help your puppy learn how to control its bladder and to stay out of trouble when no one is home to supervise.



Reviews From Ours REAL Customers!
  • Sally Vick


    “ As a first time dog owner I was extremely nervous and cautious when looking for the perfect Yorkie puppy. I came across Dreamy Puppy and decided to stop by and visit the store ( which I had done to multiple other pet stores as well). After falling in love with 9 week old male Yorkshire Terrier the staff at Dreamy Puppy provided me with much more than a bestfriend, but also with a support system who I can call at anytime to answer any questi .... ”

  • Donna T


    “ My beautiful two boys. They are still poppies. I love them so much. Thank you Dreamy Puppy ”

  • Adam & Nicole


    “ From the moment we were greeted walking in we had nothing but a positive experience! We were instantly greeted by Jennifer who explained to us the importance of hand sanitizing prior to holding any puppies. She also walked as through the various breeds they had available. We were also introduced to the GM who also had a ton of knowledge of the different breeds they had and will be getting. They were both beyond patient with us and even staye .... ”

  • Allan


    “ During July of 2015, my girlfriend and I decided to stop into Dreamy Puppy for the first time and just "look around", as many say they will. We went back a couple of times and the last time on July 25th, 2015, we decided that we were going to get a Puggle. Her name is Kiara and that is the best decision we have ever made. The employees are amazing and every time we come in they know us and they know our beautiful little girl. She has been ve .... ”

  • F & C Hatcher , Stockton, CA


    “ My wife and I have had a challenging start to 2016. I am a disabled Veteran with multiple health problems and have been learning how to adjust to my new "normals" after being diagnosed with Traumatic Brain injury and PTSD. We drove to Dreamy Puppy after reading a sign at a traffic light that said puppies. We arrived 30 minutes before opening just to look. We entered as soon as the doors were opened and were greeted by Reese who briefed u .... ”

  • Teresa's Gooden


    “ I purchased Marcus a toy shih tzu from dreamy puppy and it was a great experience I would like to thank the staff Amanda, Reese and Eric for all their help. This is my first puppy and he is adorable, I would recommend dreamy puppy to anyone the staff are knowledgeable and very helpful in assisting you to make the right decision and they also keep track on how you and the puppy are doing after you've taken them home and are ready to answer an .... ”

  • Shauna , Mexico City DF, Mexico


    “ We adopted Jackpot a year and half ago after we won a small jackpot. We love him so much and couldn't be more grateful. He is a world traveller and now lives with us in Mexico. ”

  • Ella


    “ Twixie was given to me for my birthday. I love her so much. She made a big difference in my life. Dreams puppies has made my life so much better. ”

  • Miesha


    “ We adopted our fur baby 26 January 2016....he is a prefect fit to our family so lovable and energetic couldn't have asked for anything better. Tyshaun Miesha Aaliyah and Mico ”

  • Shiv P.


    “ Purchased Louie back in May and let's just say one of the best decisions ever made! Originally went in to pick up a different puppy But there was just something different about this one...the process was very smooth and easy Thank You!! ”

  • Mr. and Mrs. A. Rodriguez


    “ I just want to thank Dreamypuppy.com for providing us with our newest member to our family. Our miniature schnauzer Rex Rodriguez is the best ever and my children absolutely adore him!!! Thank you for giving him the ultimate care and love!! Great customer service and we have a loving new pup... Thank you Dreamypuppy.com!!! ”

  • Crystal , Stelring, VA


    “ I bought my Lucy (Teacup Yorkie) almost 2 years ago and have been in love with this beauty ever since.. She is truly the best dog I have owned and so much fun to be around. She has a great personality and is so loving. She follows me around the house and if I am doing something and she wants my attention she makes sure I give it to her, the noises she makes are so cute. I love dreamy puppy and the selections they have and how well they ta .... ”

  • Ann Marie Cruz , Ijamsville, MD 21754


    “ I really couldn't have had a better experience in the process of purchasing my little Havanese Girl Esme'. She is really part of the family and we absolutely love her. She is sweet natured, full of personality and quick to show her love with puppy kisses. I am so thankful to have found her on DreamPuppy. She really is a Dreamy Puppy in every way. I now wish that I had gotten her brother too. They really take good care of the puppies and send .... ”

  • Elle Madrona International Fashionistas, Alexandria. VA


    “ Though i have not bought my puppy yet (in the picture attached is my top pick), i like going to this place. The store is ultra clean, it smells good and the puppies are clean. There are so many adorable puppies that sometimes you can't make up your mind. What makes this store special are the team of ladies who are very knowledgeable and approachable. A special shoutout to Carolina, Reese and Brenda!! Keep up the good work. ”

  • Jody Clower & Frank Rotman Nestiny, Manakin Sabot, VA


    “ We fell in love with our two Shorkies last June. Nola Marais and Evie Claire were sisters and we thought it would be a good idea to have them grow up together. We went to Dreamy Puppy to look at one puppy and came out with two beautiful fur-babies! They each have very distinct personalities. Nola is the "treat thief" and Evie is always grinning at us- but our home would not be complete without them. We are very happy with the whole process o .... ”